Outfit of the night: flares and how I style them

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flares flared trousers blogger style inspiration fashion seventies

Top: Topshop
Necklace: Primark
Trousers: Asos
Rings: Dixi & Rock n Rose
Bangle: Somewhere in Barcelona

I feel like no one reads my blog anymore because, admittedly, I can't say I'm on it with the frequent posting thing. If you are reading this - thank you, and please comment telling me who the hell you are. 

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The Best Independent Online Fashion Boutiques for Something Unique

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We all love Topshop, Asos and co, but time to time it's nice to own something that elicits a 'wow that's so different, where is that from?!' rather than an 'Omg I have that exact same playsuit, please don't wear it on Sat'.

When I see people wearing something which isn't immediately identifiable as an [insert generic fashion store] piece, I genuinely like it so much more - it's the sense of mystery. 

Yet something I do find difficult is sourcing places to find them because of course they aren't overly well known, and a lot of places turn out to be terrible once looked into (both in terms of quality/shipping etc etc). The below options, however, all sell unique, good quality and really cool clothes so if you want something your friends don't, or just stuff that looks a bit vintage and cool rather than mass produced, I'd head here....

Oh and they also have v inspiring Instagram accounts

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Music Review: Foals

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foals leeds first direct arena 2016

Late last summer, or as I don't really like to think of it but often do, the death of summer – August bank holiday weekend – I found myself having a wonderful time enjoying the fresh (albeit a bit weed infected) air at Bramham Park. Yes, it was Leeds Festival time again and no, I haven't grown out of the Leeds/Reading stage despite being seven years older than the average attendee.

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September Wish List

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autumn wish list 2015 fashion blogger
Polo neck: Weekday
Bag: Zara
Lipstick: Mac (Prince Noir)
Skirt: New Look
Boots: Carvela (sold in Topshop)
Shirt: Asos

Admittedly this isn't the most visually pleasing wish list I have done, for some reason half the things I want right now are brown (or tan, same thing) and half are black, which doesn't make for a great colour combination. I usually hate brown but with the whole folk/Seventies trend thing, I am being persuaded to like it again. Don't you think it's just so much easier when all your staples are black? Black bag, black boots, black leather jacket... The switch to brown would be tough because I would have to re-buy all of these things in a more appropriate shade... 

The Mac lipstick is on there because I am addicted to Revlon's Black Cherry but it's nowhere near as good quality as Mac lipsticks, so I am trying to find an equivalent. Let me know if you have tried this/seen a good review anywhere!

June Wish List

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Heels: £45 Asos
Sunglasses: £27 Quay Australia via Asos
Make-up bag: £35 French Connection
Swimsuit: £28 River Island
Dress: £28.27 (sale) Nasty Gal
Black heels:£65 Topshop
Trainers: £70 Adidas Originals Stan Smith Rita Ora trainers 
Bag: £35 Asos

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OOTN: Longline Kimono and Platforms

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night out outfit fashion blogger
Kimono: Warehouse
Bag: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Top: Primark
Heels: New Look
Necklaces: Topshop
Watch: DKNY

This weekend called for a belated birthday night out (it was my 22nd last Fri). I originally planned on wearing a really nice jumpsuit from Oh My Love  (click here to see), but it turned out to be a bit impractical in terms of boob coverage. I was very disappointed when I realised it wasn't going to work because I do love it but hey ho.

My MacBook just corrected 'it but' into 'titbit', how ironic! 

Coachella Favourites 2015

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coachella style 2015
coachella style 2015
coachella style 2015
coachella style 2015

Photo credit: Melodie Jeng

I have been absent for around a month, you might have noticed if you are a frequent reader of my blog (you're probably not but it's nice to pretend I have some). Basically, my laptop (an OLD Sony Vaio) decided to give up on its long, long, long, long life. But on the plus side, I got a MacBook Air as a replacement. Yey.
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